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Legal Representation

Transnational & Domestic Litigation

Litigation (including alternative dispute resolution) is a key core area of Zell Aron & Co.’s practice. Zell Aron & Co. attorneys are active throughout the United States (in both state and federal courts), in Israel and in the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Our firm has litigated cutting edge issues in all areas of the law. The Firm is able to carry out many aspects of U.S. litigation offshore at a very substantial savings to clients.  Using access to the most sophisticated international legal databases, the Internet and other on-line resources, our attorneys and paralegals are able to research and draft complaints, answers, other pleadings, motions and appellate briefs as if they were physically present in the United States and at only a fraction of the cost. Through our extensive correspondents located throughout the globe, Zell Aron & Co. can handle most any large civil litigation or arbitration and do so successfully.

In addition, our firm has developed a specialty in judicial assistance proceedings under the Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters and help our clients in cross-border discovery, both in Israel and abroad.

The Contract

International and Domestic Commercial Transactions

In the commercial arena Zell Aron & Co. have represented both domestic and foreign corporate clients in negotiating, memorializing and implementing transnational sales transactions (both goods and services). In this regard, we routinely draft or review such documents such as marketing and distribution agreements, international joint venture agreements, brokerage and commission agreements, financing instrumentation such as bills of exchange, trade acceptances, security instruments, letters of credit and bank guaranties, documents of title. Zell Aron & Co. has represented first rate banking and financial institutions from North America, Europe and Asia.

Modern City

International and Domestic Corporate Law

With our diverse and experienced legal team we regularly advise corporate clients, both Israeli and foreign, as to corporate governance and activities. Our services include drafting internal corporate documents, commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border corporate planning, corporate reorganization, international labor matters, the establishment and oversight of offshore companies and trusts in all the major offshore jurisdictions, shareholder derivative litigation, liquidation and insolvency.


Human Rights


Whether it's infringement on the basic right to liberty, life and freedom, or violations of our basic human rights by the Government, our human rights attorneys work for victims and fight to help bring an end to human rights violations across the globe. Our team has taken up several human rights litigations, both in Israel, the United States and the European Union. Our human rights attorneys have fought for and continue to fight for the victims of genocide, expropriation, privacy infringements, immigration violations. In addition, our firm is leading the fight against the increasing regulation on the banking sector that causes daily infringements to our basic rights to privacy and property.

Typing on a Computer

Technology & the Law

Based in the renowned start up nation, Zell Aron & Co.’s professional team has established a strong position in relation to advising and representing technology businesses at various stages of development.  Thus, we regularly act for start-up enterprises, middle – and late-stage development firms.  We also act for investors (both angel and more conventional firms), venture capitalists and strategic partners. 

Our work in this area includes counseling firms on structuring their research and development efforts, offshore structures and IP and trade secret licensing and tax structures that contemplate technological development, various exit strategies and downside concerns.

Signing a Contract

Estates & Trusts

Our legal staff regularly assists clients in the administration of intestate estates and the probate of estates where a will has been executed.  Our attorneys frequently represent foreign beneficiaries of Israeli estates and advise executors of foreign estates where the assets include Israeli and foreign property.  Our firm regularly issues legal opinions and provides expert testimony on matters of private international law in connection with cross-border probate proceedings and estate administration.

Glowing Keyboard

Intellectual Property

Zell Aron & Co.'s copyright and trademark practice includes areas such as licensing, registration, client counseling, litigation, protection and defense, and other related antitrust matters. We advise clients on registration and protection of their intellectual property rights in a wide array of works including: computer software and program design; authorship and other literary rights; fashion design; website design and a myriad of other artistic and literary works. The firm’s copyright and trademark practice also extends to related areas of practice including: entertainment; telecommunications and broadcast; corporate; rights of privacy and other areas of unfair competition and infringement.

Key in the Lock

Real Estate

Israel’s real estate market has proven to be remarkably resilient and stable notwithstanding the recent collapse of real estate markets elsewhere in the Middle East, in Europe and in North America. Zell Aron & Co. attorneys are well equipped to assist anyone entering the Israeli real estate market (commercial, residential, industrial or mixed) with respect to land law and conveyancing, real estate taxation (land appreciation tax, betterment tax, purchase tax etc.) & leasing.

College Campus

Higher Education Disciplinary Defense

Student conduct code violations can result in sanctions, ranging from eviction from the university or college, interim suspensions, suspensions and expulsion even when the violations of the student conduct code do not result in criminal charges. In Israel, almost all institutions of higher learning have their own set of student disciplinary guidelines and handbooks. When faced with student conduct code violations, like plagiarism, students are generally confused regarding the procedure and their various rights under the institution's rules and guidelines. In fact, many students elect to enter into "plea bargains" with the institution, without being fully appraised of their rights. These so called "plea bargains" can sometimes be very harsh leaving a permanent record for the student.  Our firm has the experience at helping our clients and their families navigate through disciplinary process. Whether you need assistance in the negotiation stages to arrive at a fair plea bargain or whether you wish to attempt to clear your name through a full scale hearing, we have the experience and knowledge to assist.

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