FANDZ International Law Group

The FANDZ International Law Group was established in 1999 with the formation of Zell & Co. and its ground-breaking alliance with Feith & Zell, P.C. 

Following the reorganization of Feith & Zell, P.C., precipitated by the appointment of our colleague Douglas J. Feith as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy in the George W. Bush Administration and his resignation from the firm in 2001, the FANDZ International Law Group now encompasses the strategic alliances between Zell & Co. and its offices in Tel Aviv (Gad Shoshany & Co.),  in Moscow (in cooperation with Khalimon & Partners), Washington, D.C. (in cooperation with Zell Law), New York (in cooperation with Zell Goldberg LLC and Middle East business development offices (in Amman and Iraq), and with Herman Millman in Toronto, Canada.